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Nightlife in Oporto

The nights of Oporto are as busy as Lisbon. Several visitors don’t stray beyond the new riverfront bars in Gaia or the cosy nooks of the Ribeira. In the town, Maus Habitos (see above, closed Monday, Tuesday) is a discreet bohemian alternative. The big clubs, though, are in the suburbs: Estado Novo in Matosinhos (Rua Sousa Aroso 722, 229 385 988, closed Sunday) offers house and trance, and Industria in Foz (Avenida Brasil 843, 226 176 806, Friday and Saturday only) is back in fashion after all these years. Swing, downtown (Rua Júlio Dinis 766, 226 090 019), is the only place that swings on Sundays

However, the Cais de Gaia has the best views back over Oporto, and is an area growing in popularity. In the Bogani café, listen to some poetry or simply enjoy the comfort and sophistication of the Stark designed furniture.

Normally for a relaxed evening out, try the jazz and a couple of after dinner drinks in B Flat, in Matosinhos. Nearby, the Estado Novo disco opens its doors to all those wanting more contemporary dance music.

Also you can visit one of the taverns dotted along its steep streets and order a fino (a glass of draught beer) accompanied by salted lupin seeds, a plate of smoked ham or a grilled smoked sausage, is very delicious.

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