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Santo Antonio: The Baroque Chapel of Santo Antonio located just to the west of the Praça da República was built in 1769 in place of an earlier church.

Igreja de Sao Sebastiao: A start was made on building the church in the 15th C., but considerable changes were made later. A chapter house adjoins the church.

Praça Gil Eanes: Is one of the 2 main squares in the center of Lagos. In the middle stands a famous statue (1973) of the "longed for" King Sebastiao, who set out from Lagos on a voyage to conquer North Africa and never returned.

Praia do Camilo: Located to the south of Lagos is the small Praia do Camilo.

Beaches: The beaches of Lagos are extremely attractive and beautiful but get very crowded in the high season.

Praia de Dona Ana: Located to the south of Lagos is the well known Praia de Dona Ana with rocky islets lying offshore. It is the most beautiful of the bays around Lagos, but is usually very crowded in the high season.

Ponta da Piedade: Here are undoubtedly the most beautiful rock formations to be found anywhere along the Algarve coast. They can be seen from the land, but the best view is from the water.

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