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The city of Lagos

The town of Lagos is located in the region of Alvarge, with an poblation around of 27,041. The population lives along the coastal line and works in tourism and services. The Region in sparsely inhabited, with the majority of the people working in agriculture and forestry.

Actually the city of Lagos lies on the west side of a bay of the Rio Alvor, between 2km/1.25mi wide, which is sheltered on the east by the Ponta dos Três Irmaos and on the west by the Ponta da Piedade and the broad estuary of Ribeira de Bensafrim. The beautiful beaches nearby have led to a great deal of recent hotel developed around the city, together with apartment buildings and camp sites. However the restaurants and cafes abound in the city of Lisbon, but the people of Lagos continue to make part of their living from fishing (tuna, sardines).

An Urban Scene: The outer districts of the city Lagos, with their tower blocks and large apartment buildings, are really rather ugly. The city center is much more beautiful and attractive.

However it has developed into a typical tourist center it still has the feel of a pleasant compact city which has retained its own character. Parts of the old city are still surrounded by the medieval wall. A small area in the center around the Praça Gil Eanes and the Praça da Republica is actually a pedestrian precinct. There are several small shops and a plethora of restaurants and cafs with tables outside.

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