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Roman Temple: (Called Templo de Diana). In the 1st century temple was probably dedicated to the cult of Emperor Augustus. The temple was incorporated in a mediaeval building and almost survived destruction. Actually the temple is very famous in the city, since it has Corinthian style has 6 columns in front (Roman hexastyle) with in total 14 granite columns remaining. The base of the temple, the capitals and the architraves are made of marble from nearby Estremoz. The intact columns are 7.68 m high.

Giraldo Square: Located in the center of the city; in this square King Duarte built the Estaus Palace which even today maintains its Gothic look. The Renaissance fountain dates from 1570. Its eight faces symbolize the eight streets leading into the square.

Cathedral of Évora: It was built between 1280 and 1340 (around of 13th century), it is one of the most famous gothic monuments of Portugal, and has a notable main portal with statues of the Apostles (around 1335) and a beautiful nave and cloister.

Renaissance fountain: It was built in 1556 in renaissance style, has the shape of a globe surrounded by water, a reference to the Age of Discovery.

Palace of Vasco da Gama: Here Vasco da Gama resided in 1519 and 1524, the dates corresponding to his nomination as the Count of Vidigueira and Viceroy of India. The Manueline, actually some of its Renaissance mural paintings are still preserved.

Loios Church: It was built in the 15th century, it was the pantheon of the kings and contains a number of tombs, with a Manueline chapterhouse with a magnificent portal. The church interior is covered in azulejos (ceramic tiles) from the 18th century.

University of Évora: Formerly a Jesuit college was built by Cardinal-King Henrique in 1559, it includes the 16th century Mannerist church and the academic buildings surrounding the large 17th-18th century cloister.

S. Brás Chapel: It was built around 1480, it is a good example of Mudéjar-Gothic with cylindrical buttresses. The Chapel is Only open for prayer.

Anta Grande do Zambujeiro: Located about 10 km from Évora near Valverde: It is the larger dolmen in the region.

Cromeleque dos Almendres: Located to 15 km from Évora, megalithic monument from the neolithic.

Giraldo Square - Evora
Giraldo Square
Cathedral of Évora
Cathedral of Évora

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