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Student Festivals in Coimbra

The town of Coimbra is also known for its university students' festivals. Only two festivals per every year.

The first one: Latada or Festa das Latas (The Tin Can Parade), an annual event parade, occurs in the beginning of scholar year, and is a welcome to the new university students (Caloiros).

After marching through the streets of the city the new university students are baptized in the Mondego River thus entering into the Coimbra academic fraternity.

The second one:Queima das Fitas (The Burning of the Ribbons), more important than the first, takes place at the end of the second semester (normally in the beginning of May) and it is one of the biggest student parties in all Europe. It lasts only 8 days, each for each University of Coimbra's Faculty:
• Letras (Letters)

• Direito (Law)
• Medicina (Medicine)
• Ciências e Tecnologia (Sciences and Technology)
• Farmácia (Pharmacy)
• Economia (Economics)
• Psicologia
• Ciências
• Sports Sciences
• Physical Education.

However being University of Coimbra's festivals, other higher education students of Coimbra such as the polytechnic's students or private institution's students, are invited every year by the University of Coimbra students who manage and organise this events, to participate in the Tin Can Parade and also in the Burning of the Ribbons.

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